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If they’re separated and one rabbit comes back with a different smell or change in relationship issues similar to those humans do during a dating process.

It’s one of the best things you can do to make your bunny’s life a happy and fulfilled one. Rabbits in the wild live in big groups and are very sociable animals, so it makes sense that they should live with at least one other bunny friend! Once you have witnessed a bonded pair of rabbits interact together, it’s unlikely you would ever want to keep a solitary rabbit.

While rabbits do enjoy human company and will tolerate or enjoy living with other animals, it does not replace the fact another rabbit will be the best companion for them where they can talk the same language, understand each other’s body signals, and play, groom, relax, eat together and look out for each other. The best and easiest pairing is a neutered male and a spayed female.

It is possible to have any pairing of males and females, especially if they’ve been brought up together from birth, but a male and female is the most likely to get along. Even if you have 2 girls or 2 boys, they should both be neutered in order to make them a healthier and more relaxed pair. Same with a mixed pair, don’t just get one neutered or it will lead to one calm bunny and one over-amorous, frustrated bunny!

In the wild, rabbits in groups all trust each other, but those from other groups eg. It’s the same with domestic rabbits – they all need to learn to trust each other. Billy and Lily were both from different rescues, Lily was shy and found it hard to trust Billy at first. He would come bounding over to her to play and she’d think he was about to attack her, so she bit him in defence.

Bonding Rabbits

Rabbits are highly social animals and ideally should be kept in pairs. However, a single rabbit is possible given that the owner be prepared to devote significant time to interact with the rabbit and provide companionship. The main consideration before obtaining an additional rabbit is to be able to financially support it. While food, care, and litter bills will only incrementally increase, veterinarian bills can make a sharp dent in your pocket and should be something that you will be prepared for.

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Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character, created in the late s by Leon Schlesinger Productions later Warner Bros. Cartoons and voiced originally by Mel Blanc. Though a similar character called Happy Rabbit debuted in the WB cartoon Porky’s Hare Hunt and appeared in a few subsequent shorts, the definitive character of Bugs is widely credited to have made his debut in director Tex Avery ‘s Oscar -nominated film A Wild Hare Bugs is an anthropomorphic gray and white rabbit or hare who is famous for his flippant, insouciant personality.

He is also characterized by a Brooklyn accent, his portrayal as a trickster , and his catch phrase “Eh What’s up, doc? Due to Bugs’ popularity during the golden age of American animation , he became not only an American cultural icon and the official mascot of Warner Bros. Entertainment , but also one of the most recognizable characters in the world. He can thus be seen in the older Warner Bros. Since his debut, Bugs appeared in more than cartoons produced between and He has also appeared in more films than any other cartoon character, [7] is the 9th most-portrayed film personality in the world, [7] and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to Chase Craig , who wrote and drew the first Bugs Bunny comic Sunday pages and the first Bugs comic book , “Bugs was not the creation of any one man; however, he rather represented the creative talents of perhaps five or six directors and many cartoon writers.

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Rabbits are social creatures and live a longer and happier life when they are in pairs. They share living space, food, water, toys and litter trays. They groom each other, keeping each other clean and healthy, and comfort each other in times of stress.

This cartoon—the first in which he is depicted as a gray bunny instead of a white one—is also notable as the rabbit’s first singing role. Charlie Thorson, lead.

While there are some rabbits who prefer having their human all to themselves, most rabbits enjoy the company of other rabbits. A second bunny can provide years of joy, fun and contentment for both you and your rabbit. But it may not be love at first sight for the two bunnies. Bonding rabbits can take time, patience, and persistence. Even if your rabbit is generally gentle and calm, when a new bunny enters the scene, you may see some very aggressive behavior. Rabbits can bite, claw or swat at each other potentially inflicting great harm.

For this reason, all bonding must be supervised. By keeping a bit of space between them, you can avoid fighting. We kept our rabbits in separate rooms at the start of their bonding process. During their introductions we placed a baby gate in the doorway and enticed them over with veggies. For true face-to-face meetings, choose a neutral location since bunnies can be very territorial.

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The matchmaker in the fur-flecked T-shirt got down to business. What about a white rabbit with pink eyes named Tonya? The pair exchanged a quick glance. The matchmaker, Amy Odum, disappeared down a hallway, returned with Tonya and set her on the artificial turf to explore the room. Moo hopped tentatively toward Tonya, and another Sunday session of speed dating for rabbits was underway at the city animal shelter in East Harlem.

What are the possible types of introductions? Boy and girl: one of the easiest, often fall in love at first sight, but not always; Girl and girl: sometimes.

Before attempting an introduction, the rabbits should be spayed or neutered , and you should wait for a full two weeks after the surgery before proceeding with the introduction. This delay both ensures proper healing and gives the hormones a chance to dissipate. This delay is especially important with a newly neutered male, as a male bunny can still be fertile for two weeks after fixing. Many of the calls we receive are from well-meaning rabbit caregivers who bring a new rabbit home, put him with their existing rabbit, and think all will be fine.

Sadly, these hasty introductions often result in serious harm or injury from biting, chasing, or other forms of attack. In addition, rabbits are not quick to forget, so a bad fight could hinder future bonding sucess. Taking the time, reading up, and waiting for two spayed or neutered rabbits to be introduced will ensure you the best possible chance at a loving, bonded relationship. Rabbits are extremely territorial. In wild rabbits, territorial behavior includes depositing marking pellets at the boundaries of the territory, chinning, urinating, and aggressive behavior such as digging, circling, and fighting.

Wild males tend to defend larger territories while females concentrate on their nests. In our neutered domestic companions, hormonal causes may be absent, but territorial behavior still exists. Thus, when introducing new rabbits, territory must be considered and used to your advantage. What you are trying to do is eliminate the possibility for there to develop any territorial behavior in the rabbits. You are also trying to mimic positive feelings in your rabbits.

Speed Dating for Rabbits

You can also download a copy here. Remember not all rabbits get along, bonding can be a lengthy process and patience is needed. Adult supervision is essential at all times. Fighting must be prevented because injuries can be so severe they can prove fatal.

The Leaping Bunny programme is one of the ways we are making this vision a A fixed cut-off date requires a company to enforce its animal testing policy and.

Suggestions for a difficult bonding process:. When you put two bunnies in a stressful situation, they will lean on each other for comfort. Below are some stress bonding techniques. After a stress bonding, you can also try to put them back into the place where you normally do your dates to see how they do. Try a different bonding area. If you are using the bathtub, try the kitchen. Try smaller areas and bigger areas.

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Before introducing two rabbits, both should be spayed or neutered. Bonding is generally easier when rabbits have been sterilized. Wait weeks after the surgery before attempting introductions. Rabbits are extremely territorial, and may exhibit behaviors such as chinning, and urinating, chasing, batting, biting, or mounting. Introductions should be done in a neutral space to minimize the occurrence of these territorial behaviors.

You may want to wear thick gloves and a long-sleeved shirt for initial bonding sessions in case a fight ensues. A squirt of water on the nose can often prevent an aggressive behavior if it’s done before the act begins, but is usually ineffective once a fight has begun. An initial fight could hinder future bonding success. Bunnies have very different personalities.

Bonding Your Pet Bunnies

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But as any single parent will tell you, the reality of dating is quite a bit different. to know that you’re flirting away in a ketchup-stained shirt and bunny slippers.

Are your rabbits safe from urban foxes? Happy to be out in daylight and with no fear of humans, don’t under estimate the threat! Help spread the word about the thousands of rabbits in the UK currently without homes by spending a few moments printing out and putting up our poster. You could help find one of the rabbits listed on Rabbit Rehome the perfect home. Download Poster kb PDF. Welcome to Rabbit Rehome Rabbit Rehome UK allows rescue centres and individuals to enter details of rabbits in need of new homes.

Rabbit lovers can then search for rabbits to adopt. We are not organising ‘adoptions online’ you will need to contact the rescue centre to find out about their homing policy. This site is not intended for breeders to advertise deliberately breed litters or for breeders to find ‘stock’. The rabbits here are looking for loving homes as pets. More about us.

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