This invention relates to devices applicable to cigar boxes for maintaining moisture within the cigar box so as to keep the cigars therein moist and prevent their drying out. Referring to the accompanying drawings wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout, the conventional cigar box is designated at B, which has the conventional hinge cover C. The invention consists of a frame 10, preferablyformed of sheet metal and which is U-shaped in section. This frame is adapted to be positioned over the top edges of the walls of the box B. A transparent panel 11, which is preferably glass, is mounted upon the frame and extends froniside to side of the box B andpartially from the front of the box toward its rear. This container is preferably formed of sheet metal and has a side wall 12 extending upwardly from the rear edge of the transparent panel

Antique Cigar Boxes

These notes attempt to give some guidance to when best to drink our wines. The wines tasted were from our own library collection kept in an underground cellar. This probably mirrors the average collector, but those with differing conditions should adjust accordingly. Please note we started to get considerably better quality and longer corks since the vintage. Many of the to vintages unfortunately vary a lot depending on the condition of the corks.

This is an antique cigar box dating back to the early 20th century. The piece is made of sterling silver and is stamped on the underside.

Is there a market for such boxes or a cigar box collector we can contact? A-The value of a cigar box depends on its age, brand name of cigars, size, whether the box or container has an unusual shape, the theme or subject matter of the label, historical factors if any, condition, completeness and rarity. Cigar industry historian Tony Hyman has collected cigar boxes for 40 years and has more than 4, Hyman wrote the only book on the subject,. Send an addressed, stamped business-size envelope if you wish the brochure.

It also tells how to date cigar boxes and how to get them appraised free. You may phone Hyman at between 11 a. Among the cigar boxes pictured in the catalog is a pair of boxes from the election campaign, one of which depicts Harrison and Morton the Republican winners of the election and the other, Cleveland and Thurman the losing Democrats.

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Sterling Silver Cigarette Box. Want more images or videos? Contact Seller. The exterior has scrolled enamel decoration. It has a central carrying handle which divides the two compartments.

5, 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented July 6, CIGAR BOX ATTACHMENT Eugene W. Lilienfield, The present invention relates generally to attachments for cigar boxes. Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title.

Bristol-based duo Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett are bringing an age-old musical tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars made in their Easton workshop. The history of the cigar box guitar stretches back to the Deep South of s America. The guitars were a product of hardship and poverty. When money was tight, people would make instruments out of what was to hand — an old cigar box, broom handle and a couple of wires became the building blocks of a new musical movement.

A cigar box guitar has provided the backing for many a blues lament. Now Bristol-based craftsmen Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett have brought the tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars. When people see and hear them, they immediately connect with a rich musical history.

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There are a number of factors to take into account in estimating when an old cigar box was first filled with cigars. Up to about , these were branded or inked on the bottom of the box. On the earliest boxes, usually with tax stamps, they might be printed on a paper label stuck on the bottom, side, or end of the box. The Caution Notice on these paper stickers often made no reference to Canada later, branded notices always did.

Similarly, many boxes with a Series C revenue stamp carry this information elsewhere on the box, or on the stamp.

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Photos By Tribune News Service. In the hands of Gipson Shoemaker III, the simple wooden box becomes a musical instrument worth hundreds of dollars and capable of producing a raw, gritty and authentic sound. Once a home construction artisan, specialising in faux finishing, painting murals and installing European plaster, the Minneapolis man now makes a living by creating three- and four-stringed guitars out of junk: cigar boxes, vintage hubcaps, ammo containers, lunchboxes, even old bed pans.

As owner of Lucky Devil Guitars gipsonshoemaker. Shoemaker, 48, said he spent much of his life trying to master the six-string guitar. Inspiration struck when he saw It Might Get Loud, a documentary about the electric guitar. At one point in the film, rock guitarist Jack White pounds some nails into a piece of scrap lumber, stretches a wire over a Coke bottle, installs an electric guitar pickup, plugs in an amplifier and makes it wail.

That was enough to persuade Shoemaker to try it himself. He built his first cigar box guitar in

US187530A – Improvement in cigar-boxes – Google Patents

Most of the surviving cigar box labels are older then years, and they still look in great shape. For this reason alone many would be buyers may pass up a good deal. Here are four ways to help determine a cigar box labels age:. The majority of Stone Lithographs were created between and

English: Cigar box guitars at Maker Faire Date, File history. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.

The resent invention relates to a. A still further object is to provide ignition means for the matches which will present an unused surface to every match so that its ignition will be positive and assured. With these and other objects in view, embodiments of my invention are shown in the accompanying drawings, and these embodiments will be hereinafter more fully described with reference thereto and the inparts forming the bottom;.

Referring to the drawings, my inventionaccording to the present dlsclosed embodimerit thereof, comprises a box portion 10 having a cover 11, this bein preferably of the usual type used for contamlng cigarettes or small cigars although it will be understood that the invention will be applicable to other types of boxes, as for instance sliding or telescopic boxes. The bottom of the box comprises an interior layer of cardboard 12 beneath which there are secured two opposed layers 13 and j 14 similar in form and shown in plan in Fig.

Adjacent the ends of these layers there are provided transverse strips 15 and 16 of an ignition substance, such as is com– monly used with safety matches, this substance being preferably placed directly upon the cardboard forming the layers by spraying, painting or. Spaced therefrom and toward the center of the layers, there are provided rectangularopenings 17 and Two such layers are placed together with the strips 15′ and 16 inside and registering with each other and are secured by staples 19 and 20, 21 and 22, a.

The match containing portion as shown in Fig. It will be understood that the layers 12 and 13 may be secured by other means if desired, as for instance by gluing at the center and. In Fig. The fact that they are exposed however, permits them to be readily gripped by the fingers.

General Macomb Cigar Box

Looking for steals and deals in the collectible world? There’s a market for cigar boxes and tobacco tins. Good, saleable finds are storage items — not only cigar boxes and tobacco tins, but bank boxes, mailboxes, coffee tins and anything else used for storage.

Mr & Mrs cigar box with names and date! From Cigar BoxesFather Of The BrideMr MrsCustom EngravingCigarsGreat GiftsAmazing.

BoLLEN- BACHEE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Bloomington, in the count-y of Monroe and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cigar-Boxes; and Ido hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of theinvention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use thc same. My’invention relates to an improvement in cigar-boxes, and particularly to that class in which Inoisture or fragrance is imparted to the cigars; and it consists in the features of construction which will be fully hereinafter de scribed, and pointed out in the claim.

The object of my invention is to provide a. In the drawings, A represents the entire box, consisting of the bottom I, the short, straight rear wall 2, the forwardly-daring side walls,3 3, the elongated audcurved front wall, 4, the lids 5 5, and the handle 6, the general contour of said box being fanshaped. The iixed parts of the box are secured together in the usual manner,and thelids are also suitably secured for opening and closing, as usual.

Suitably secured to the side walls, at the rear end of the box and in front of the rear wall,is a curved plate or strip, 7, of perforated tin, wire-gauze, paper, or otherlike material, which, together with the said rear wall and bottom of the box, forms a chamber for sponge or other absorbent material for containing water or suitable extracts for imparting moisture or vfragrance to the cigars, as may be desired.

The cigars are to be placed in the box with their closed or smaller ends against the perforated moisture-chamber, which not only prevents them from receiving too much moisture, but, in connection with the shape of the box, displays them under attractive arrangement. The object of providing the box with two lids is that it is sometimes desirable to expose only onehalf of the cigars at a time as when they are in bundles to the air or the consumer; also, it is more convenient to open either or both of said lids than it is to open a single lid which covers au entire box.

A small bottle of extract may be supplied with each box of cigars for keeping them suitably moistened and flavored. I am aware that theprovisiou of cigar-boxes and analogous structures’ with moistening devices is not new; also, that cigar-boxes have been provided with handles; but I am not aware that a cigar-box having my peculiar form and construction and arrangement of part-s has hitherto been invented or produced. Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new is- The herein-described fan-shaped cigar-box A, comprising the bottom 1,the short straight rear’wall, 2, the forwardly-Haring side walls, 3.

No Model. Application tiled February S24,

File:Cigar box

I3, Application Bled Apr. No Model. Application iiled April. Serial No.

Combined cigarette or cigar box and match-containing means therefor The resent invention relates to a. combined cigarette or ci box and match containing means. there or, Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title.

July 6, The present invention relates generally to attachments for cigar boxes. One object of the invention is to provide a cigar box attachment of this type which is an improvement upon, and has certain inherent advantages over, previously designed attachments of the same general character. Another object of the invention is to provide a cigar box attachment which comprises in addition to the cover-holding housing, a hinged lid and in addition a U-shaped frame which is rigidly connected to the bottom portions of the sides of the housing, receives slidably the upper margins of the front and side walls of the box and serves as a medium for supporting the hinged li when the latter is in its closed position.

A further object of the invention is to provide a cigar box attachment of the type and character under consideration which includes a novel hinge connection for the transparent lid:. A still further object of the invention is to provide a cigar box attachment which is simple in design and construction and may be manufactured at a low and reasonable cost and also quickly and readily assembled with respect to the box. Other objects of the invention and the various advantages and characteristics of the present cigar box attachment will be apparent from a consideration of the following detailed description.

The invention consists in the several novel features which are hereinafter set forth and are more particularly defined. In the drawings which accompany and form a part of this specification or disclosure and in which like letters and numerals of reference denote corresponding parts throughout the several views:. Figure 1 is a front perspective showing an attachment embodying the invention in assembled relation with a cigar box;.

Figure 3 1s a front perspective of the attachment, parts being broken away for purposes of illustration; and. The attachment which is shown in the drawings constitutes the preferred form or embodiment of the invention.

Antiques & Collectibles: Market heating up for cigar boxes, tobacco tins

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Find the perfect cigar box stock photo. Huge collection, amazing A vintage box of Aurelia Arrow cigars, dating from the early 20th century. A vintage box of.

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Old cigar boxes can be worth from $5 up to $5,000

Several months ago, I obtained a small wooden cigar box, gifted to and inscribed by Fidel Castro in , the year of the Revolution. Please scroll down to see detailed images. The box is something of a conundrum.

Learning how to identify cigar boxes by their codes may elicit a also find a second stamp indicating the date, the section the box was stored at.

Q: In our grandfather’s attic, we found dozens of old cigar boxes and would like to know how to find out if they have any value. Is there a market for such boxes or a cigar box collector we can contact? A: The value of a cigar box depends on its age, brand name of cigars, size, whether the box or container has an unusual shape, the theme or subject matter of the label, historical factors if any, condition, completeness and rarity. Cigar industry historian Tony Hyman has collected cigar boxes for 40 years and has more than 4, Hyman wrote the only book on the subject, “Handbook of American Cigar Boxes,” which includes a price guide as well as illustrations and descriptions of cigar boxes.

To get the brochure, send an addressed, stamped business-size envelope. It also tells how to date cigar boxes and how to get them appraised free. You may phone Mr. Hyman at between 11 a. Desirable cigar boxes along with their descriptions and the prices they fetched at auction are included in Mr.

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